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    By no means am I a writer, however anyone can write. The Boot and Daisy Blog is a way for me to connect with you! Whether you are a client, a friend, a mentor, an internet troll, or anyone else, you are welcome here. This is where you can learn about me, my photography style, and how photography and I go together. Please feel free to critique, share, or just brows my work.
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My favorite wedding date I could have chosen was February 11th. However, it wasn’t a decision I could make on my own, recently engaged means you are two people now not just one. That and it’s not just my wedding it is ours.. 

My future husband was beyond thoughtful and planned his proposal on that day in 2016. We walked out to the Saugerties Light House on what I swear was the coldest day of the year, and just before we walked back to blast the heat in the car he got down on one knee! Let me tell you why February 11th is my favorite day: it’s when Greg and I first started dating in 2010, AND it’s my grandparents wedding anniversary!! 

So back to 2/11/2016. Skip a few details, and now it was time to look into dates for our wedding! As it just so happens February 11, 2017 is a Saturday! WINTER BRIDE! I win! (I absolutely love winter.) And that’s when people were either asking me if I had lost my mind, or they thought it was a brilliant idea. Now it was a totally split decision, Greg wanted a warm weather wedding outside and comfortable. So I waited as long as I possibly could and I set June 17, 2017 as our wedding date! Yay! Now, may we live happily ever after. 

As we approach my dream wedding date, and engagements are happening all the time, I am going to offer other future brides the opportunity to not stress about their wedding dates like I did. Let’s take everything step by step and just enjoy being engaged! Engagement’s shouldn’t be all about weddings, and planning, and check lists.. it’s about the love two people share. So, let’s capture that love in photos! If you book an engagement session with me by February 11th, it’s just $211! 

That’s an up to two hour shoot, a custom USB (uploaded with all of your unedited images from our shoot, AND 15-20 edited images), a display box, and three 5×7 professionally printed photos. All for $211. 

Happy Engagement Season,



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PINIMAGEWhat more could a photographer ask for than peak autumn leafs, perfect lighting, and a recently engaged, photogenic, gorgeous couple? I don’t believe there is much else to add to a combination like that. I introduce to you: Anthony and Colleen, who graced the other end of my lens on a perfect October day. 

Anthony is a mechanic, but further more an entrepreneur. He recently started his own seal coating business, and has invested in equipment to further himself and his dreams. Often times he finishes up his day or week at work and heads to the property he owns to work some more. This kind of work is probably a little more enjoyable to a man like Anthony simply because it’s exciting work, he is preparing to build a house for him, his future bride, and their dog Finley.

Colleen, is just as hard of a worker. She too also started her own business in the past year. Before opening her salon, Thairapy, in Tannersville NY, she decided to go back to school, and follow her heart. She had traveled, had already received a bachelors degree in business, worked in a thriving industry and knew where her heart was. Today her career is her passion, she is a creative stylist, and a head of hair is her canvas.

Anthony and Colleen are obviously believers. They aren’t afraid to jump in with both feet, without knowing the outcome. Some people could say they are lucky, but I will tell you they put in the work and they are deserving. Mostly, they are deserving of the love they share for each other and second they are deserving of their success. To love like they do you must know love thrives on a solid support system. They share their accomplishments, and push each other to be the best they can be. I don’t know what else anyone could want in a relationship other than someone that just believes in you and your dreams too. 

Congratulations to this gorgeous couple. I cannot wait to see your love thrive as a married couple! PINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGE

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Do you remember what it was like to be 3 years old? It was a big deal if you don’t remember. Your creative mind was probably going 100 miles per hour, you were adventurous, and any playground was huge. So huge you couldn’t see the other side unless you were up on something high, like the twisty slide!


Most of us adults have days we would do anything to be three again; when really we should do anything to be an adult with a little more of a free spirit. Maybe we should make up our own songs, dance when we are happy, and believe anything is possible.

Meet Emma. She sings at the top of her lungs, has the greatest dance moves, is totally classic, and a little sassy. I also swear she is the most patient, polite and darling 3 year old I have ever met.

During Emma’s time in front of my lens she inspired me. To always race balloons, tied to my wrist (you will always win). To be patient, love the people I am surrounded by, and conquer the monkey bars (even if it is assisted by mom).


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How would you describe the color of fall? Some may describe it as fire, some may say it is golden. I will tell you it is the most expressive season we get to experience in Upstate New York. The colors of the plants and trees reflect exactly how they are feeling. If it has been a dry year we tend to experience color with more brownish yellow tones. If it has been a wet year the trees hold onto more vibrant reds and oranges.

There is no doubt that mother nature knows how to express herself. I would call the autumn season of 2016 a golden season. Driving from the Hudson Valley into the Catskill Mountains it became clear to me today that as I went up in elevation I was welcomed by a Gold Gateway that nature was gifting me. I became so entirely grateful to live in a place where the earths color pallet is so vibrant and friendly, and that the changing seasons are a reminder of time gone by.

I can honestly say, I was not ready for my hands to be cold when working outside without gloves, and I wasn’t ready for the green mountains to change. That is when I selfishly thought to myself, I am most certainly not ready for a gray winter either. Then I looked over at my best friend, Shea and realized she probably thinks I’m as gray as winter everyday because she is color blind, she is a dog. That’s when I drove silently instead of singing entirely off key at the top of my lungs to think about how I have spent 2016. I determined that I have spent it fairly well. I built this website, and I have grown my business. I have learned new lessons, and gained a desire to improve on lessons I have not perfected. Thats when I saw the ski slopes.

I decided that Shea’s black and white world really isn’t so bad and that winter can arrive when it is ready, as long as it brings its cool crisp sun rises, and sparkling snow, (followed by “Powder Days” and “Fresh Tracks” on the slopes). Every season carries a beauty that cannot be recreated or duplicated by another season. Therefor, whether its black and white or vibrant in the colors of the rainbow, there is always something on the other side of my lens, and it is up to me to create a perspective to share its beauty with you. That goes for more than just the seasons, that goes for every human, dog, landscape or image that I am attempting to capture.

It’s apple season here, so my advice to you is to eat an apple and enjoy what is around you today, then find the positivity in what winter has to bring (i.e. Christmas Music).

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