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February 11

My favorite wedding date I could have chosen was February 11th. However, it wasn’t a decision I could make on my own, recently engaged means you are two people now not just one. That and it’s not just my wedding it is ours.. 

My future husband was beyond thoughtful and planned his proposal on that day in 2016. We walked out to the Saugerties Light House on what I swear was the coldest day of the year, and just before we walked back to blast the heat in the car he got down on one knee! Let me tell you why February 11th is my favorite day: it’s when Greg and I first started dating in 2010, AND it’s my grandparents wedding anniversary!! 

So back to 2/11/2016. Skip a few details, and now it was time to look into dates for our wedding! As it just so happens February 11, 2017 is a Saturday! WINTER BRIDE! I win! (I absolutely love winter.) And that’s when people were either asking me if I had lost my mind, or they thought it was a brilliant idea. Now it was a totally split decision, Greg wanted a warm weather wedding outside and comfortable. So I waited as long as I possibly could and I set June 17, 2017 as our wedding date! Yay! Now, may we live happily ever after. 

As we approach my dream wedding date, and engagements are happening all the time, I am going to offer other future brides the opportunity to not stress about their wedding dates like I did. Let’s take everything step by step and just enjoy being engaged! Engagement’s shouldn’t be all about weddings, and planning, and check lists.. it’s about the love two people share. So, let’s capture that love in photos! If you book an engagement session with me by February 11th, it’s just $211! 

That’s an up to two hour shoot, a custom USB (uploaded with all of your unedited images from our shoot, AND 15-20 edited images), a display box, and three 5×7 professionally printed photos. All for $211. 

Happy Engagement Season,



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